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South Macon Public Library District minutes: Tuesday May 14, 2024

Meeting was called to order at 3:40P.M. in attendance were President Debbie Herbert, Treasurer Susan Strahle, Secretary Tami Long, Trustees Linda Wiles and Salli Pritts; librarians Vicki Carr and Lori Nixon. Vice President Anna Jesse and trustee Donna Hayes were absent.

April minutes and financial reports were approved as read

Librarian's Report: April 2024

circulation figures:

CKO 398

Computer 59

Patrons assisted 476


ALA Grant Update: Libraries Transforming Communities Round 1 finishes the end of this month, May 2024.

ALA Grant Round 2 $10,000.00 is beginning.


IHLS iLead learning workshop and training for trustees. The learning for the trustees is being updated and may have requirements in the future.

In the works using Illinois Humanities Grant Funds.

Lego night

Bluey Program Sept: Options were discussed on location and other arrangements that might be needed due to size of participants.

Taylor Swift Party June 22nd.

Friends of the Library serving breakfast and lunch during the Macon Community Garage sales made $1148.80.

Meridian Teachers donated $65 to Library.

Budget was discussed and it was decided that there is a need for a "Programming Budget" with its main purpose being the planning and implementation of the many and varied programs that the library is now offering for all ages.

A motion was made by Salli Pritts and seconded by Susan Stralhe to leave the non-resident card fee that same at its current cost of $75. Motion passed.

Building and maintenance ordinance #24-01

This was discussed. Salli Pritts made the motion to accept the ordinance. Susan Strahle seconded. It was passed by a roll call vote with everyone present voting to accept. Salli Pritts Yea, Debbie Herbert Yea, Tami Long, Yea, Linda Wiles, Yea Susan Strahle, Yea.

Library Staff Activities/Programs Update

IL Humanities General Operations Grant opens May 16th. We will write to extend our Community Engagement Coordinator. (salaries)

Library Activities:

May 15, 4PM Book club

May 20,23,38,30 Beginners Chair Exercise class @10:00A.M.

June 10 and 17: 6P.M. 4H Kids Nights for ages 8-16

June 22nd. Taylor Swift party


Sign up: June 3 thru June 6th at the library.

June 12th Next of Kiln

June 19th No Program

June 26th MHS softball team/Kona Ice

July 3 No program

July 10th Absolute Science Bubble Show

July17th Heartland Mini Hooves

July 24th SMFD demonstration/Mimi's Frosty

July 31st Macon County Conservation "Unlovables"

Motion to adjourn was made by Salli Pritts and Seconded by Tami Long.

All in favor.. Meeting adjourned at 4:26 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda Wiles

(acting secretary)

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