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General Operating Grant

This grant was awarded by Illinois Humanities. The programs, activities, and events listed on this page are sponsored by this grant.

If you have visited the library in the last few months you probably have seen a new face, Dena. Read the bio below to find out more about Dena and what the library hopes to accomplish with this grant.

My name is Dena Wurster. I am a Macon transplant. My family and I have lived here for eight years. I graduated from Indiana State University with a degree in business management. I then stayed home with my children. Eventually I started working remotely from home. While I felt very fortunate to have those opportunities, I needed more social interactions as I felt increasingly isolated. I would volunteer and help with my children’s activities and schools. When the opportunity to become the Community Engagement Coordinator for South Macon Public Library became available, I saw it as a chance for me to grow and become more involved with my community. The South Macon Public Library sees this grant as a bridge that will hopefully bring more people to the library while fulfilling some needs the community has. I hope this grant will allow us to show the community what an asset our little library can be.

This page is being updated. April 2024

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